Lograr resultados a través de operaciones responsables en un mar sustentable

We focus on investments in sustainable seafood operations

Who we are

Ocean Harvest is a newly established company with a proud history. From its establishment, the company has carried out several transactions and restructuring programs, becoming a professional and profitable company. The recent years’ strong operational and financial performance combined with the strong momentum in the organization, has positioned the company for sustainable growth.

  • We believe that active ownership makes the difference.
  • We only invest where we can improve profitability.
  • We only invest in sustainable resources.
  • We invest in people with attitude, and together we continue to build great companies.

«In Ocean Harvest nothing is impossible, it is just a matter of attitude.»

Finn-Arne Lorentsen, Managing Director

Delivering results through responsible operations in a sustainable sea

Ocean Harvest value platform includes the company’s vision statement, core values and business strategies. The platform is the core of our operations and communications, and our guidelines for what we do, how we do it and where we are headed. We are committed to:

  • Maintain and improve operations to ensure excellent product quality
  • Be a safe and attractive employer with a shared value set
  • Deliver results for our shareholders
  • Act sustainably towards the marine environment and local societies

Customer confidence

Hands-on operations

Focus on HSEQ

Developing people