Lograr resultados a través de operaciones responsables en un mar sustentable

Delivering results through responsible operations in a sustainable sea

A leading Argentine fishing company

Estremar is one of the largest fishing companies in Argentina. We are the leading supplier of Patagonian Toothfish and our seafood products are on the plate in all main seafood markets. We continuously improve our operations and invest in innovative production processes. We are considered one of the leading fishing companies in Argentina.


Our company platform consists of our proud history, assets and shared set of values, and works as a roadmap for current and future business strategy.


Our company was founded by fishermen and our values are inspired by fishermen. We employ people with attitude and people who recognize the best in each other.


By implementing our strategy through our company platform and developing people with attitude, we intend to turn great ideas into great performance.

Proud fishermen

We believe a quality company should act like one, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry. At Estremar, we believe the key is to recruit the right people with the right attitude, people who come to work to make a difference. It shows in the way we conduct our harvesting operations, the quality of our products, the longstanding relationships with both our customers and suppliers. This is why our company platform is built around making a great workplace for our people. At Estremar we are all proud fishermen.