Lograr resultados a través de operaciones responsables en un mar sustentable

Skilled crew and extreme focus for every nautical mile

Welcome on board!

Our workday is both rewarding and demanding, requiring extreme focus on detail, on the safety of our employees and the quality of the products we produce. Most of our employees are out at sea, and they spend up to two months onboard before they see land again. A successful vessel operation requires first and foremost a professional and dedicated crew. One of our experienced Fish masters once claimed that in order to harvest the right species, size and quality you need to “think like a fish”. Well, we cannot tell you how that goes about, but we want to give you an idea of what the journey can be like.

Quote from the Captain

“My most important mission, is to bring everyone safe back home.”

From the Chief Advisor

“As a Chief Advisor, I oversee the machine and technical equipment to keep the vessel running.”

The Factory Manager explains

“Factory trawling is about combining traditions with the latest in modern technology to produce the best quality possible.”

The Crew Assistant

“My job is to serve our crew so they can operate the vessel safely and efficiently.”

Work on board a factory trawler

Attitude and special skills required

Our factory trawler operates many months of the year in harsh environments, and everybody on board are equally important in order to make the trip successful. Our vessel carries skilled crew, and is managed by a team of officers and supervisors. On board are also independent inspectors and observers who oversee the harvesting operation.

The crew on the bridge is in charge of the fishing operation, which means where and how to fish having overall responsibility for vessel movements, safety and compliance with national and international regulations. Together they work as a team to ensure sustainable and safe operation of the vessel

The deck crew take care of the net and gear during shooting and haul back of the trawl, and make sure that the fish in the net is preserved in fish tanks before processing. The deck crew also carries out necessary repair and maintenance work on board.

The factory and processing crew are responsible for production being in accordance with defined quality parameters, and that the production process is carried out in a safe and efficient way. The vessel utilizes 100% of the harvest, as all the trimmings and gut is being processed into fishmeal.

A team of engineers and technical crew takes care of vessels engines and maintenance schedules, and ensure that vessel is complying with requirements from owners and class societies.

All good fishermen need good food and care. In the galley a team of crew make sure all on board get balanced and nutrition rich meals every day. This department also keeps the vessel and work gear tidy and clean at all times.

The harvesting and production process

From the depths of the ocean to your restaurant plate

Our vessel, the Centurion del Atlantico, is a factory trawler harvesting, processing and freezing 100% of the catch on board.

Trawling is a method of fishing that involves pulling a fishing net through the water behind the vessel, and the net used for trawling is called a trawl. The gear itself varies depending on the area and type of fish targeted. With the net hauled back on deck, the fish enters into fish bins before being transported into the factory on conveyor belts. Centurión del Atlántico produces mainly headed and gutted products from whitefish. Whitefish is a term used to define species with fins such as cod, hake, whiting, haddock and pollock.

Whitefish contains oil in the liver and the fish has to be gutted, trimmed and de-headed immediately after harvesting. The fish is then cleaned before graded into the different sizes and finally frozen; individually or as a block (several fish). Eventually the product is stored in the vessel’s cold storage. Inspectors ensure that the company complies with the safety standards and procedures during the production process and factory management takes corrective actions if deviations are identified.

Upon arrival at port, the vessel cargo hold is emptied and products are consolidated into containers, ready to be shipped to our valuable customers. Our main customers are distributors who normally would do value added production before final products are distributed to the end users.

Eventually our fish ends up in your favorite restaurant, prepared by a skilled chef and delicately served on your plate.

All is made possible by people with attitude and a passion for fishing.