Lograr resultados a través de operaciones responsables en un mar sustentable

Our major achievements happen through team efforts

A mutual goal to reach our full potential

Estremar employs 115 people, mainly experienced in harvesting and processing at-sea products. All our achievements are a result of team efforts and our crew and employees have a common goal and a shared set of values. We share information and knowledge and have mutual respect for each other; we support and help each other develop to and reach our full potential.

The work onboard requires great effort and sacrifice not comparable to any work on land. Our crew works hard to position Centurion del Atlantico as the leading fishing vessel in Argentina, and Estremar as the best company to work for. Together we produce high quality seafood products that meets the high standards of our valuable customers.

Working onboard the Centurion del Atlantico

Working onboard the Centurión del Atlántico in the South Atlantic Ocean is a great adventure, but it is also requires a strong attitude, ownership and hard work every day. Estremar is an equal opportunity employer, and we invest in people that are committed to our common goal and are true performers. At the end of the day, our crew makes the difference, determines the value creation and the result for the company.

We sincerely believe that the hard work and dedication of our crew and employees are central to the success of our operations, and we can give great opportunities to people that accept our challenges and work hard to meet our goals. If you can accept a challenge, consider yourself a quick learner who adapts swiftly to changes, and a self-going team player able to operate autonomously in a dynamic environment, you are welcome to submit an application for open positions directly to our Human Resource Manager.