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Long term commitment to Tierra del Fuego and the city of Ushuaia

The city of Ushuaia, capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, is sheltered by a bay on the banks of the Beagle Channel, and surrounded by a mountain range with abundant autochthonous vegetation. Even if it is 4000 kilometers away from the South Pole, it holds the title of “the southernmost City in the world”. The name Ushuaia comes from the Yámana language, and means “bay penetrating into the west”. Native people inhabited the region for thousands of years and adapted to life in the seaboard before the arrival of navigator Hernando de Magallanes. The backdrop of the city is composed of sub-antarctic forest, and over the slopes of the Fuegian Andes there is a rich variety of wildlife and wild flora, which texture and colors give unusual beauty to the landscape whipped by rigorous and peculiar weather.

It is the port of departure towards the Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands. Ushuaia represents the worldwide navigators´ portal par excellence to the rough southern seas. Its incredible landscapes, its multiple activities, in permanent contact with wild nature, makes a visit unforgettable. Its incredible stories of navigators and intrepid adventurers, also contributes to woe the more than 300.000 tourists that visit it every year.

Cattle, fishing and industry have always been the main economic activities which have characterized the region. The law for industrial promotion for the island, which grants tax benefits, has brought significant urban and commercial growth, as well as great industrial impulse, with the set-up of electronic products factories, sawmills and deep-sea fishing fleets. Proper equipment and infrastructure had made it the base where the main tourist circuits leave from.

Ushuaia is the gate to the national Park Tierra del Fuego which extends to the west. In the surroundings there are a considerable number of modern ski centers, which are ideal for the practice of outdoor activities during the summer. Ushuaia has one of the most visited tourist docks in the country, where boats offer different maritime excursions along the Beagle Channel set off from. Besides, in the last years the city has positioned as a cruise port, where a high number of ships from different countries dock, as a stopover towards the Antarctic Peninsula.

The abundance of sea life in Tierra del Fuego and important position of the capitol makes it increasingly important for Estremar to work sustainably, add value to and have a long term commitment in the region.